Prenn Pass traffic ban at night


Lam Dong Province People’s Committee has written extension of time organizing ramification on route Prenn, Dalat.

Accordingly, the construction company to renovate the road, from 19h to 5am the next morning; prohibit all vehicles up and down the Prenn Pass, instead will circulate on Mimosa Pass.

The provincial government has also requested the construction company to concentrate manpower, supplies, machinery and equipment to accelerate the construction and completion of Prenn Pass ramp to put into operation, using the 25th / 11.

đèo Prenn.

A delegation of Prenn Pass Road

As Pioneer has reflected, after the tragic car accident on the morning of 19/6 Prenn Pass makes 8 people dead and dozens wounded, Lam Dong province has temporarily banned all vehicle traffic on the pass Prenn at night to ensure safety during the upgrade road passes.

Currently, the deadline has expired but streamlined the upgrade has not been completed should have extended.