Collided with the truck, cargo carriages 5 tilt


Land truck hit the railing, tilt on rails. At this moment, the train moves to hit that 5 tilting carriages overturned and goods to the streets.

5:40 7/3 days, freight trains online Lang Son – Hanoi moved to City Rover station, located in Yen My commune (Lang Giang, Bac Giang) unexpectedly collides with truck carrying soil.

A bump caused 5 tilt overturned carriages. Rock on the truck and on the carriage of goods falling road, causing many people to participate in traffic along Highway 1 to dodge.


Scene in Bac Giang boat capsized. Photo: Andy performer / otofun.

Leadership safety inspection team No. 2, Vietnam Railway Department said initial cause is determined to control the sea truck Bac Giang crashing down railings at the junction between national rail 1A. Tilt the vehicle on the tracks.

In time, moving train coming straight into the truck. The driver jumped out of cars, train drivers were injured in the leg and was taken to the emergency hospital.

The unit said the leadership has mobilized dozens crane personnel to the scene to rescue the carriages crashed. Lang Giang District Traffic Police force has to regulate, traffic lane.